Spring on the farm

0713 Spring

Spring. What can I say? It may be one of my favorite times on the farm, but I am way too tired to know for sure! :) (1.) This is what the farm looks like at 4:30 am when we get up to start the day. It really is beautiful, early, but beautiful. (2.) Our little herd of alpine goats expanded the beginning of June by 32! Yes, 32 little goat babies (kids) were born & we are lucky to be able to spend several hours with them everyday- caring for them & milking the momma goats. (3.) Milk, we get fresh, from the 19 Alpine goats that we have been milking since the beginning of June. Isn’t it pretty in the glass jar? (4.) There is always work :) Sophia helps with the wheel barrow, once the heavy buckets have been unloaded. Wilie, the Great Pyrenees, guard dog is next to her, always watching.  (5., 6.) Our farm sold goat milk soap at  THE RUSTY TRUCK BARNYARD  MARKET. WE WILL BE THERE THE LAST SAT OF THE MONTH, THRU  OCTOBER, SELLING SOAP & FARM INSPIRED CARDS, TOTE BAGS, ETC.  (7., 9.) With a wonderful supply of fresh milk, I get to  make things that include milk, so besides our goat milk soap  I have tried some of the recipes in the cookbook “Canning for a New Generation” This is a great one. Not only do they have recipes to can fruit, & veggies, but they have ways to preserve milk ( I use goat milk in the recipes, because, well, that’s what we have)  – like cheese, &  yogurt AND recipes to use the preserved food. SO.SMART. The (8.) bread was from the book,  & it uses the whey ( leftover liquid from making the “fresh cheese”recipe) Again,  SO.SMART. (10.) We have actually had a bumper crop of strawberries this year. Yeah! Last years yield- 1 puny berry. This year we have picked bowls full, we eat them while we’re picking & the ones that make it in, get frozen or put into the goat milk yogurt. (11.) From the goat milk I also make buttermilk. YUMMY, I don;t drink it plain of course, but it makes pancakes & banana bread that much more delicious. Spring= crazy busy fun work… :)


A FARM name: Classic Fields


Classic Fields 01

WE now have an official name for the farm: Classic Fields.

What’s in a name? From a marketing view….everything! Everything to promote the farm revolves around the NAME & the identity of that name. A LOT ( & I mean A LOT)of time & energy was used in thinking of & choosing this name. The ideals what the farm represents, is in the type (on the right) We have several products & we wanted each one to have their own identity, but still look & be recognizable. The re-packaging for the soap is still in the design stage… & like the farm itself, things are always evolving. You can still reach the blog/website thru the url mngoatmilksoap.com, but also you can use the new classicfields.com

REAL Easter bunnies

Easter bunny blog


Saturday I was doing the chores & noticed that 1. Freckles, Sophia’s momma bunny had pulled her fur to make a nest (rabbits do this to keep the nest warm) & I thought that maybe she would have her babies soon… until I saw the fur move! 2. Is a photo of the nest filled with freckles fur, in the hay filled rabbit hutch. We have the rabbit hutch in the barn, because it is still SO cold. 3. Anna, still in her winter hat, even tho it is APRIL 1! She is peering inside to take a peek at…. 4. real baby bunnies (officially called kittens, or kits, huh.) I am NOT a fan of them at this stage, poor things are so helpless, naked and pink. I am not sure what this photo is even showing… something baby bunnyish. We are going to try & keep taking their photos every few days, to watch them grow up. :) Happy Spring!

Snow Day

snow Day

(1) As soon as we get in the barn, the girls go on an “egg hunt”.  For the most part, the chickens are good about laying the eggs where they are supposed to- in the nesting boxes, but there is always a couple that find obscure places to lay, like under hay bales. (2) Willy, our Great Pyrenees & Brutis our cockapoo playing in the snow. The girls put a pink snow vest on Bruits :)  (3) Me anticipating a slobbery dog kiss. He is a massive dog – approx 110 lbs! But his size & bark keep the coyotes away.  (4) A GOOD chicken, laying her egg in the nesting box. She is sitting right next to where the girls are reaching in pic #1. (5) While I do chores, the girls get to play in the snow. :) And it wouldn’t be a good snow day, if there wasn’t a snow man. (6) Happy Cows, eating their breakfast in the snow storm. Thank goodness for (7) this handy dandy huge sled. I was able to put the buckets of feed & pull it thru the deep snow to the cows & chickens & ducks. (8) Last year’s bright sunflower, against the winter sky. (9) The chickens are crazy tame, or they are just birds that like to eat ANYTHING. That is my snowy boot the chicken is about to peck. (10) sshhh, don’t tell the other goats, but this one is my favorite. Her name is Mocha. She along with the other 19 Alpines have been bred & should kid this June. (11) Here is our second Great Pyrenees, Rosie, she is just 10 weeks old & a mere 13 lbs. She’ll be Willy’s companion & co-gaurd dog. I’ll have to have a blog post just on her.  We, especially Anna, just LOVE that puppy dog. (12) Blue, the barn kitty. When we walk in the barn she comes out of her hay-loft hiding, for some love. In this pic she is also staying reasonably high to avoid Rosie, who must just be a bit too rowdy. Well that is a snow day on our farm. And it was FABULOUS fun. :)

More “Behind the scenes” of the soapmaking

6 weeks soap

I REALLY like soap making. I compare it to making cookies- & the final product is lovely. I started the new batches of soap at the beginning of January & they will finally be ready next weekend!  The soap making is a process that takes many steps, & time (weeks to cure) in between the steps. I REALLY like that, because I can fit it into some open gaps of time in our life & as time goes by, I am figuring out how to perfect the steps to get even better results. Here is what’s going on in the photos:   1. The soaps in their molds. I use square silicone molds. Square, because it works with my packaging & silicone because it makes taking them out of the mold a breeze. 2. the hand is my little helper, Anna. The soaps just came out of the molds & Anna helps me count them :). 3. I have a bakers rack in the office which is perfect for stacking the trays of soap as they cure & storing the packaging/mailing supplies for my etsy shop. 4. The delivery of a new supply of soaps to The Rusty Truck, a fabulous occasional store near us- it is in a BEAUTIFUL BARN! Their next sale is Feb 27- March 3. Stop by :) 5. The NEW SPRING SCENTS: Eden’s Garden, Zucchini Flower, & Plumeria!!! Available next weekend at tThe Rusty Truck & on my etsy store…….. until they sell out. :)

Fun Farm Illustrations on great products

Society6 card Society6 goat pillow Society6 Goat poster Society6 pillow

I am working on a project to create Fun Illustrations of Farm animals. Here are the first 2 in the series: Poster#1 “the goats”. We love goats!! & Poster #2 “Rooster & the Worm”. You can now get the illustrations on great products such as throw pillows, notecards, & iphone cases. I will post more as the Fun Farm series continues…….

Winter Snap Shots

Winter 2012

I think I said that I LOVE fall. Yes, but I LOVE WINTER! This is our chance to slow down, even if it is just a little bit slower. And feel the cold outside & snuggle and warm up inside. Winter is our chance to plan and learn new things for spring. Oh Spring, it’s going to get busier then ever. I will enjoy winter while it is here :)